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Artist in Residence, GSA, 2019

Artist in Residence, GSA, 2019

Rachel is a Scottish designer maker born in Glasgow and a recent graduate of the Glasgow School of Art. She enjoys combining her love of drawing and metalwork skills to create sketch-like objects, inspired by the architectural quirks of her hometown. Rachel’s most recent work has been paying homage to the dormant chimneys which now sleep above the post-industrial city.

“In a sense the chimney represents a meeting between the old and new and there’s something quite endearing to me about that. They’ve changed from a functional part of a building to an essential ornament. So I admire the odd character they embody and the beautiful colours that time has imbued them with.”

Through Rachel’s practice she likes to use both precious and non-precious metal as she is intrigued by their contrasting colours which she further explores through heat patination and oxidisation. Rachel’s approach when making is to embrace the flaws and imperfections inherent to the process. By intentionally exposing solder joins and highlighting any marks she therefore hopes to showcase the unique character of each piece.